Monday, February 28, 2011

Tees Maar Khan

I really wanted to like this. It is a very high energy film, and wants so much to be liked. The story begins with our "hero" not even born yet being taught how to be a master thief because his mom watches crime dramas on TV. Once born he's already stealing wallets and jewelry. I like that tall tale quality.

The movie follows a french film (the Fox returns) and our hero is hired to steal a train load of antiques right under the police's nose. First he gets captured on purpose to get back to India and then mades a deal with siamese twin crime lords. All during this he balances a doting mom and hard to please girlfriend with runing from the cops.

As I said,I wanted to really like this, but in the end i was just worn down by the film. I would say I didn't understand the culture but a brief look at indian reviews show that I am not alone. It is a film that is al sound and fury. But the music is still fun!

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