Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Cape and the Lich part 2

I've been defending The Cape as good old fashioned kooky fun, but not every episode can be a gem. This is pretty much an anti gem. A turd in the rough. Shame it was the second part of a double header.

So the plot is Orwell is being held in a chemical trance and is tripping balls about having a wedding. Meanwhile, the Cape and the Carnival of Crime go out to figure out where Orwell and the Lich are. Running out of options The Cape appears to his wife to get access to an important witness.

So what went wrong?

1) The Cape hanging with his wife. It's bad enough his son can't figure out who The Cape is, but his wife? His incredibly bright wife can't figure out it's her husband in a funky mask.

2) The Lich. Oh my, someone saw Batman and said, "Hey how can we do the Joker without a copyright lawsuit?" Their answer was to spread cherry colored rubber cement over his face.

3) Script. Script. Script. The writing was tired this time around and the story felt cobbled together. The ending are specially lame.

So was there any good? Well the Carnival was fun as always. Remember, dates = shotguns. The Nurse of the Lich is the most creepy character of the night. Insanely committed to the Lich she is his Harley Quinn without the saving grace of humor.

Here's hoping the next episode is better.
Hopefully much better.

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