Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great (?) Moments in Power Gaming

Power gaming is something that occurs in roleplaying games. It is a use of rules that makes your character just sick. It also makes everyone else sick of you, and you better hope you are invulnerable.

But it can be so fun sometimes.

The game is Champions. A superhero game. The basic principle is you buy the effects of the power then you decide on the details. So for example you buy an energy beam and then later declare it to be flamethrower. Now one nice feature is "No Normal Defense," a feature built for power gaming. Basically you fit a power with the NND and it doesn't matter if its Ironman, he's going to feel it.

The limitation of the NND is that it generally doesn't kill, and that you must set a common thing that would negate the NND. For example, electricity's limitation would be insulation.

So, my character, the Mad Scientist Dr. Roy Wong, is whizzing all over Destructo with my NND that I can my DNA Scrambler Special. Finally, the fellow playing Destructo complains and demands to know what the defense against the NND is. I tell him the defense is not being Destructo. He hits the wall, but I point out that it is very common not to be Destructo. I also point out that it is has good comic book backing. Afterall, krptonite is a NND that the defense is "Not being kryptonian."

The person running the game made me change it, but I think it should still stand. What say you? Did I go to far?

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