Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Vanishing on 7th Street

Right, up front I'll say there is some scary stuff happening here. Why it's happening you will never be told. Deal with that right now. There is no explanations, no resolutions, there is just the situation. The situation is this, suddenly the lights go out. When the lights go back on. Everyone else is GONE. Well, not totally gone, their clothes are there. Little place markers of mortality. The only reason you aren't gone too is that you had a light source with you. Oh, that light source, it's getting dimmer.

And the shadows are coming.

That's the situation our characters are in. A boy, a girl, and two men. They find themselves in a bar with a back up generator. They argue about what is happening. They argue about why its happening. They argue about what to do next. The lights are growing dim, and even the days are disappearing. They have to do something, but can they do anything?

This is a taunt scary little beast. The first 15 minutes are very powerful and sets up just what a no win scenario this is. The acting is good, I'd watch John Leguizamo red the phone book backwards in latin. The film falters abit in the third act since really there's no where to go once it becomes clear that the film will refuse to explain anything. Still, a very nice little chiller!

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