Friday, July 8, 2011

Futurama/Ugly Americans

This week's Futurama dealt with jokes of a certain vintage. That is, they were old old jokes. I mean first they were riffing on "Police Academy" which is hardly freshness, and then they went over to "Minority Report." It had some nice bits, but for a story involving prophecy it was a bit too linear. Over all a middling effort.

Ugly Americans though went for some pretty twisted territory. Callie, the beautiful deamon on staff, is being bugged by her father to continue into the marriage he arranged for her. By "bugged" I mean like having people fall from the sky and their bodies forming her name on the street below. Since she doesn't want to marry Duane who's becoming more of a wuss every episode she shacks up Mark. Luckily, her father and mother get together and have a new little baby sister. Well not so little. She's growing up a year a day, and she's going to take over the wedding contract. Mark gets to be daddy, and Callie gets to try to keep everybody safe from her even more evil sister. Over all it was a fun episode. There was almost something akin to character growth. Not much, but enough to make more than just a joke fest.

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  1. Twayne. Yeah, that was an intense episode of Ugly. Not for the squeamish that show!

    I agree that Futurama phoned it in. The only good thing in it was the "Clown slaughter. It happens more often than you'd think." line.