Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Hit List

It just isn't our hero's day. He lost his promotion. His ideas have been stolen. The loan shark he owes money to has beaten an IOU on his face. Oh, and his wife is sleeping with his best friend. A good day to find a bad bar and get very badly drunk. The type of drunk that spills his trouble to the nearest fellow. Nearest fellow happens to be an assassin. He asks our hero to list the people who he wants dead with the person he most wants dead saved for last. Thinking it's a lark our hero does so, with wifey at the top of the charts.

The next day the killings start. Our hero gets bonus points for trying to get the police involved, though admittedly the cops are a little suspicious of 'A hitman walked into a bar.' Meanwhile, the hitman plays various mind games with our hero as he works his way down the list.

This is a good little thriller. Cuba Gooding Jr. sells it with a world weary look and a sick little cough. We believe his assassin is having his own special bad day and that he's not just some insane psycho. There's a point here, which keeps it from being psycho of the week. As I said a nice little thriller.

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