Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 comic books that should be made into films #10: Tales of the Beanworld

Last year a bit grim for comic book films.  Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass, and Sucker Punch all under performed.  Even the Green Lantern didn't do stellar box office for a film about a glorified star cop.  This year is a bit different.  The Avengers are blowing the doors off the box office and things are looking good for the other comic book films coming out later this year.  So producers are quickly setting up deals and blowing the dust off of projects in development hell.  Many of these will blow chunks but that's just the nature of the beast.  Since this is going to happen anyway I might as well made some suggestions for what I would like on the screen.  The first thing that went through my mind (besides a sudden need for burritos) is "Tales of the Beanworld."

The Beanworld is a strange experience.  A very conscious attempt of exploring the nature of myth and story telling it involves, yes, beans.  They are on a small little island and live under a large tree.  Sometimes the tree will produce a fruit called the "sproutbutt."  It's caught by the heroic Mr. Spook who is not a bean.  With the sproutbutt they leave their island diving into the thin sea then into the zones each of which is filled with simple shapes like rectangles or triangles.  Beyond these zones are the Hoi Polloi, huge giant heads with one large arm.  They horde the chow which is what the beans need for food.  Seeing the beans they form rings around their stashes.  The beans look for the weakest ring then use their spears to break it open as other beans take the chow. Afterwards Mr. Spook gives them the sproutbutt and the Hoi Polloi change it into chow.  So there's a cycle of sort and many of the myths explain this strange state of affairs.

Though most of the beans are the same some have "Broken out," and have become important members of the tribe.  Some make music, Professor Garbanzo builds tools and tries to look at the world scientifically.  Then there is "Beanish," a relatively recent break out.  Beanish is the artist of the tribe.  He collects stuff from the zones and creates the "Look See Show," sculptures that reflect events then the beans life.  He also accidently discovers a way to commune with the sun of the Beanworld.

The stories of the Beanworld are both about the past and present.  Some explain for example where Mr. Spook got his trusty fork.  Others will tell the tale of how the young beans came into the world and other big events in the beans life.  They are all very charming and together form a very thoughtful exploration of society.  When does society need art?  Or science?  Or heroes?  These questions are explored in the bean world.  I would perfer that the stories be told in 2d animation but if must it could be done in CGI animation, specially if you get Pixar to do it.

Anyway, I'd pay to see a Beanworld movie.

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  1. It reminds me in the telling/recounting or the Adventures of Blue Bear, or whatever the name of that was... Not sure mainstream moviedom would understand it, but sounds interesting.