Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

I like cutting edge humor.  I enjoy things that are odd and not mainstream.  Then there is Tim and Eric.  Some folks find them an absolute scream, and many others just scream.  I liked what they did with "Tom Meets the Mayor," but then they did "Tim and Eric's Great Show!" and my enjoyment lagged way bad.  There were parts that were very funny, I admit.  But I also have to admit I was unable to watch an entire episode without being profoundly uncomfortable.

Tim and Eric want you out of your comfort zone.  Even before getting into the weird content of their skits they alienate viewers with stutter editing, bizarre sounds, and even a rather alien body language.  It's like watching skits being performed by either retarded people or aliens but you can't decide which they are.  I can see why other comedians like their work because they are doing a deconstruction on what pushes the audience buttons. 

That doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

So with that being said, I had low hopes of enjoying "Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie."  After all, it looks like everything the Tim and Eric show was without any TV censorship.  I was right.  Again, I freely admit there was some very funny bits.  I love  the guest stars they wrangled for the show.  I can even say I appreciate their artistry.  But on the whole, I found the whole affair to be horrid and left me needing a shower. 

For the record the plot is that Tim and Eric blow a billion dollars in making a horrid three minute film.  The backers are of course upset and want to kill them.  They see an ad to manage a mall for supposedly a billion dollars.  So they go to the mall and interact with wacky characters like the guy trying to sell used toilet paper.  Can they make their billion?  Can they avoid getting killed?  Can I scrub the "brown bath" out of my mind forever???  Well, if you want to see it, go for it.  Just remember I warned you.

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