Sunday, May 6, 2012


This isn't "The Hidden" which was a sort of cool film from the eighties involving a criminal alien and police alien taking over human bodies.  This "Hidden" is of much more recent vintage and unfortunately much less cool.  Not for the lack of ideas.  There's a certain Croenbergian quality to the central element of the film:  that an unethical doctor was using secretions from a poisonous insect to turn addictions of people into real flesh and blood organs.  Yeah this is all going to work out.

We see the doctor at work and if she ain't mad she's certainly quite vexed.  On the floor is a child we assume to be her son.  He freaks as the doctor does a little alien organ removal.  Cut to the present, child is now a man and an obvious drunk.  His mom is dead and his friend comes with a letter saying that he is heir to her establishment.  Instead of being intelligent and ordering a match and a gan of gas he decides to go with a passle of people to look it over.

The place is in the frozen wastes and has the outer shell of a monastery, or at least the green screen CGI version there of.  There is also one of the aforementioned poisonous insects flying around.  The group proves they are geniuses by having one wanting to catch the little bugger.  With bare hands.  Right.  Anyway they find a secret door and good bye monastery set.  We are now in the industrial sets with pipes or medical torture room sets or pointless tunnels.  The group gets scattered.  And bugs and ugly ass kids with a bad case of tentacle mouth bug them to death.  The dark mystery is revealed, yawn.  There is an end with a hint that there may be a sequel.  The end.  Brush the popcorn off your lap.

The trouble here is they took a Croenberg concept and gave it the "Friday the 13th" treatment.  It's not a bad film, but it is a blah film.  By the numbers one, two, three.  The best I can say is it was competent. 

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  1. Another fun review to read. Better entertainment than the movie itself!