Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Age of Stupid Dungeon Masters

"The Age of Stupid," is a striking visual plea for ecological sanity. It doesn't hurt that Pete Postlethwaite is the voice of reason. It is set in the future after we have screwed up the earth but good. The last keeper of earthly lore is going through the video feeds of our age to point out where we went wrong. Some of the stories are very fascinating like an Indian fellow who wants to start air service in India for as low as one rupee per passenger. Basically, the point is one we heard before; we are wasteful pigs and pigs make good bacon.

As a personal note, I have no doubt there will be a bad time in our future which we will rue the day. Cities will fall, and populations will die. If anything we are overdue for such a thing. But, I don't believe, as this documentary does, that it will be the end. Even in Easter Island (A current favorite scenario of eco-doom sayers) there was a population after the crash.

"The Dungeon Masters" is a more personal end of the world story. This is the story of those who have made the role playing game their life. As one author pointed out sadly enough, there is always a rent to the castle in the sky. It is a fun little documentary and certainly worth watching. I like the guy that tried to start his own cable access show and the lady who was totally into the drow. "The Dungeon Masters," is certainly not to be shown to mom to calm her about your desires to buy 20 sided dice, but for use who have been caught up in the mania it is a case of old home week. We have known these people or people like them. God help us all.

Make your saving throw.

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