Sunday, August 15, 2010


There's been a squid napping in London. Not just any ordinary squid mind you. The perserved body of a giant squid in its glass tank from the London Museum of Nature. That's a lot of squid my boyos and it looks like that it is also big gris gris, hoodoo, mojo, pure A grade mage fuel. Cause now that the squid is gone the End of the Everything is now looming large.

Who took it? Was it the Cult of the Squid who worship giant Squids? Was it the criminal mastermind known as "Tattoo"Maybe it was the horrible Gunfarmers who raise guns like prime fighting dogs. It could even be the mystical police. This isn't your Dickens London. It is filled with magic, and cults, and prime nut balls that can kill with a glance or a sock. It's the type of place where magical familiars are everywhere but are on strike for better working conditions.

So who's going to find our squid? Why Billy of course. Why? Well Billy did perserve the squid in the first place. Bill did find the squid missing in the first place. Also, it just happens that half of London thinks Billy knows something about the squid and are now hunting him with a rather loose understanding of "Bring him in alive."

This is China Mieville's most fun book for adults that he's yet written. While I still like "The City & The City," and "The Scar" better, this book beats most fantasy novels by the country mile. Pages brim with innovation, imagination, and general WTF-ness. Seriously keep notes, there are at least 50 ideas worth stealing if you are a writer. I personally love the explanation about why Star Trek sucks. You'll never look at Kirk the same way again.

Read it!
Buy it!
Eat calimari!

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