Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dark House

"Dark House," is the Fangoria film festival entry that I like the least. That's a shame cause I love me some Jeffrey Combes. He's fine as egotistical, bombastic showman who has the brilliant idea of using cutting edge holographs in a real house of mass murder. What? He never saw an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation?" I swear their holo room was a menace to society.

This doesn't work much better as the ghost takes over things and makes the holographs REAL. Can the ONE person who was actually in the murder house at the time of the original murders get her little traumatized butt together to save herself? Perhaps, but I really didn't care. Every other other actor save Combes was a collosal bore. The closest to interesting was the fellow that tried to look like Captain Jack Sparrow. However, hair acting never substitutes for the real thing.

It has a few jumps, a few scares. But really after some nifty entries this is a let down. Note, never in your commentary say: "We wrote the script in 13 days, I hope that comes as a suprise to everyone listening."

Umm, no.

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