Sunday, August 15, 2010


Now "Spike" is the low budget horror film I like. Yes it has zero budget but dang if it don't have heart. It's sort of a dark fairy tale. Our heroes are out in the wood when bad ju ju happens. Turns out one of the girls is the object of affections of Spike. Spike is basically a human porcupine that talks like ariel in Shakespeare. He has a serious, stalker love on for the girl and it becomes a question of how far will Spike go. Will he kill her boy friend? Will he keep her in the woods forever? Can she manipulate this crazed human hedgehog? Does she have any real feelings for this poor "Beast" to her "Beauty?"

The film starts slow, but it builds nice once Spike appear. The appearance of Spike is a very nice design and the actor is doing his best. There's not much blood or action but I believe it is a very imaginative and interesting entry. At least it's not another damn slasher.

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