Monday, August 9, 2010

Fragments of a letter found after the fire

Dear Emmet Witchfinder,
...Forget the funeral of the best comedy, we know that the American cowboy plans an adventure tour. I know, I know XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX because remembering the pain XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the loss of family members killed in Paciendo.

You must Kill Devil tattoos of the same XXXXXXXXXXXX where God in London XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Must find Multi disc black gene "poseidon" XXXXXXX quarantine of children jug band XXXXX Importers and Terrorism. Ask for Joe Quaohilundui!

Just relax, you can not die. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is part of the farm experience.

O God, thou art my rock
Aiaimite, myth, love and respect
Witchfinder Dan Franklin

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