Friday, August 27, 2010

Dark and Stormy Night

I love this film more than I should because I appreciate the theatricality of the piece. It is a spoof of the "Old Dark House" genre (probably last seen in the big screen in the movie "Clue"), basically gather a bunch of odd ducks into a strange, spooky house and have them bumped off one by one by a mystery killer. Sprinkle with hard bitten reporters and gorillas and you have yourself a film.

The gem of this film is the writing. It is almost like spinal tap in that a line will start straight then just get bizarro. Each character has his own little oddness that just builds. The reporters are all hard bitten thirties style dialogue. One of my favorite characters is some big game hunter type and he'll say, "Like the Cantonese Walking Duck, I will bide my time." Another will spout sayings like, "The trouble with waiting is that after it is done, something happens." It all builds together deliciously. I could easily see this translated to a straight stage piece, maybe done by some community theater. I'd love it.

Definitely check this out if you can find it!