Friday, August 13, 2010

Fraggles Smurf Smurfs

Fraggle Rock came just a little late to be a childhood memory, but certainly it was still fun to watch as a teen and it stood at one of the early proofs at the time that HBO was worth something besides boobies at 3 AM. Besides it was Jim Henson, and that there partners is the mark of quality.
The show was simple enough. Fraggles are litttle muppety things that live in their rock and they basically play and eat all day (minus a 30 minute work week). One fraggle Uncle Matt found the way to our world and has set out to explore it. He sends postcards back to the room the tunnel opens into which is being used as a workshop by an old man and his dog. Gobo Fraggle, Matt's nephew goes and fetches the mail. Gobo has many adventures with his friends; perky Red, morose Boober, star child Mookie, and agreeable Whembley. They interact with the doozers who always work and make buildings that the fraggles eat, and the grogs who are giants (by fraggle standards) who believe they rule the universe. When in need of advice they sneak off to ask the Gorgs magical trashpile who is a font of questionable wisdom. My favorite side character was always Convincing John who not only could convince people of anything but was rather petty about it. One could come back from a visit with Convincing John wearing a pair of flower pots over your hands because Convincing John told you it looked so stylish on you.
The real fun for me was the musical. It reminds me of the best of John Denver, it's light and airy and fun. I for the life of me can't figure out why no one has covered "Come Follow Me."
Definitely this was a fun reboot of memory lane!

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