Saturday, August 14, 2010

Drawn Together, The Movie

"Drawn Together" definitely wasn't in my lists of favorite shows. This animated effort that claimed to be the first reality tv cartoon show (Actually I'd give that distinction to "Wacky Races" but why quibble?) appeared on the funny tv network (it has to be funny it has "Comedy" in its name). I will say there was a occassion fun bit, the good line and even a good episode or two (They seemed to be able to get their game on when dealing with racism), but over all it suffered two much from middle child syndrome. You can make all the poop jokes you want, but you can't make it look so much like work. You could almost hear the creators thinking.. "We have to top 'South Park,' we have to top 'South Park!'" Dudes, if it is any consolation, even "South Park" had to have it's "The Simpson's Did It First" episode.

Anyhooooo, "Drawn Together" got canned, but they scraped enough dough for a straight to DVD version. Freed of its Network "standards" it is a fest of the unlocked id write in excrement. Again, I like low humor, but guys pace yourself. Naming the little girl character drawn in "South Park" style (see that middle child syndrome is still showing) as Suck-My-Taint Girl is only really funny (?) as a once over. To use that name for an important character who keeps appearing again and again is like being hit by chloroform laced socks laced with quarters. Not. A. Good. Thing.

The jokes were off and on. They didn't do much special with the animation, well except with the effect of being hit with eraser bombs which were interesting. The cast was energetic except for Seth Macfarland who slept through his reading of the killer robot I.S.R.A.E.L. I guess Seth was there for moral support since his own "The Family Guy," was once in cancellation hell. I doubt though that "Drawn Together," will be back on the network. Though, one of the cast members had a point, "Hey Comedy Central, what do you really have on that's better?"

What indeed.

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