Sunday, August 8, 2010

From the Disjointed Dreams of Broken TeaseVees

The difference is that to support the wildlife
follow no questions
Johnny, Johnny, and molly
with the 200,000,000 to the great death

...said the son died of a direct attack
on the bright son
so said Johnny Historian
.... was a terrorist attack...
A genius situation
he was certainly sound

Mozilla's disease is a new planet
Companies world wide including
The Casino, Speed of Light
with Igor Jane Baker and Roy 9 Million
seek cure with Dragon's teeth
of 100 meters in length
and quantum Electric fire

Chairman Slade!!
there is Zombie epidemic chatin'
the country of the poor child from hell
it's all the life of young eccentric masks
we must select the death of all fires
or Malibu Adventure camp
Please, contact war soldiers, zombies

Static clear


  1. I expect if I kept current with events, that this would be brilliant..

  2. Are you sure?!? It has the feel of brilliance...if one has(d) the right knowledge.

  3. well I'll clarify, the current events weren't the genesis of this piece. However, I'm sure that someone who is up on their news cycles could draw inferences and meanings I didn't even know were there. This is a key, your mind has an infinity of doors. Rattle it about some.