Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do "The Haunting"

"The Haunting" is a spanish film in the fangoria filmarama. It was originally called "No-D0," which might have been confusing to fangoria fans. There's a lot of smart folks who love horror films, but I have seen the letter page of Fangoria, and I will say they need written directions to use a butt scratcher.

This film even with a title change would be rather confusing for said letter writers to Fangoria Magazine. Somewhere in Spain a woman who has suffered a great loss is giving a nice place to recover from her trauma. A ISOLATED place. A big ol' SPOOKY place. A place that if you translated it's name I'm sure would either be "Amityville" or "Mordor." In other words, yet another person has lucked into a haunted house.

But is it haunted?

There are these priest see, and they ain't telling what happened many moons ago in spooky old house. They are keeping mum on a church scandal that didn't involve little boys, and talk in very confusing round about ways about the "Third option" when investigating claims of miracles. That and little phrases like "A whore can't be a saint," definitely give a clue that we aren't talking about your run of a mill haunting.

This is a good atmospheric film and certainly very intelligent. I'm not sure I followed all the catholic saint lore, but that's cool. Gives me something to look up later just to see if it was bull shit or not. Certainly worth watching even if you don't like subtitles.

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