Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Burning Bright

A crisis has been defined as barely tolerable circumstances rendered intolerable by the addition of a new one, the proverbial straw to the camel's back. In "Burning Bright" we start off a young woman who desparately wants to go to college. Unfortunately, her mom has recently passed on and her step dad is both a doofus and a moron going through mom's money as fast as he can drink it or waste it on some project or the other. This is doubly bad because little brother is deeply autistic and our girl knows she can't trust his care to El Dweebo. It's bad, but she's coping and this would quickly turn into a Lifetime movie.

That is till El Dweebo buys a tiger.

Yeah a full grown adult and very pissed off tiger. He mutters something about an idea for a zoo or circus when asked why he'd buy a fricking tiger. Oh, and there's a hurricane coming. Oh, and el Dweebo decidese to go out to a bar to drink after making the house impregnable to the storm.
All good ideas worthy of the Darwin award.

The crisis is now upon us as the hurrican hits and the tiger gets free in the house. Funny Walls aren't that good a defense against a very hungry tiger. Dragging along autistic little brother is basically having a pork chop around your neck in this circumstance. We are clearly in double A crisis territory and it's great, thrilling story telling.

Extra points for reciting Blake's "Tyger Tyger." Double extra points for this bit on the how they made it portion of the DVD: "We were told that in case of loss of tiger control we should all huddle together and be very still. No one should be the lone antelope on the veldt." IF Loss of Tiger Control is not the best name for a band I'm a monkey.

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  1. Sounds a lot more palatable in this format than in actuality! Thanks for the laugh from the rendering of the tiger's tall tail, er...tale...