Friday, August 27, 2010


"Fragile" is yet another from the Fangoria festival. I'm very suprised by how the quality is holding up so far. I'm sure I'll hit a clunker soon. "Fragile" is a basic ghost story, but it is set in a hospital. A hospital with sick children. Ok, this immediately takes care of problem number one in haunted house pictures which is why the hell are you staying in the haunted house? How can our heroine abandon sick children?

Another interesting question the film addresses is how come everyone isn't seeing the ghost. In this film the rule is you have to be close to death to see things of a spiritual nature, either by sickness or impending death. So of course the doctors aren't believing the children who say that a "mechical girl" is upstairs.

I should also at this moment say you don't want to upset this particular ghost. The ghost through its past is very familiar with broken bones. It has great powers to break things in general, but annoy it and your arms are going to be flopping around like puppet. No fun at all.

So this is a well thought out ghost film. Very well produced with some great visuals. Definitely adds a shot in the arm to a genre about dying. Check her out!

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