Saturday, August 21, 2010

Copped out

Kevin, I love you man, that's a serious geeky hetro love for you dude. I have watched everyone of your movies since "Clerks," yes even "Jersey Girl." I would say without hesitation that if I wasn't afraid of young ears, I'd hear you in a second for any public speaking gig. Heck, you should even ask comedy central if they can squeeze you in on the next roast they have. Few people have the command and timing of the art of the insult that you have.


Oh Kevin, you are until proven otherwise a one note director. "Cop Out," did not break that streak I'm afraid. I see what you were going for, specially after your stint on the Batman comic book where at one point you had Batman pee in his tights. You want to deconstruct the action hero, and I see that you are working from the premise that when you strip the action hero down he's nothing more than a big jerk. You even originally titled this film "A Couple of Dicks."

Well, ok. I can see where you are coming from. Slight, slight problem though Kev. It is very, very difficult to make a film about "A Couple of Dicks" watchable. Oh sure Bruce Willis makes a game try at it, and you did write nice bits here and there, but no. This film hurts to watch. It is sand paper on my eyes. It grates my soul, and is not great.

Kevin, my man. My buddy, my pal. Remember that Woody Allen movie? The one with the aliens at the end who tell Woody to go back to making his funny films?

Take the hint.

P.S. And I know you were pissed off they asked you to change the title. But really never give critics a free shot with a title like "Cop Out." Might have well named it "The Losers," oh there's a film already called that? Never mind.

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  1. I guess I need to pay more attention to who directs things! I actually liked Cop Out well enough, might have felt a bit let down had I realized Kevin directed it...but I'll stand behind liking it even now... Not his most brilliant work. I have not ventured to see Jersey Girl, however. He does have such a great comedic sense, it's a shame he's following the likes of Steve Martin and Robin Williams into 'straight' land.