Monday, December 6, 2010

The End of the Walking Dead

Well.. the end for this season.  Though I really don't see how you can call it a "season" with only six episodes.  A miniseries would be more fair.  Oh well, that's a minor quibble to a fairly good show.  Rumors are already flying about the second season.  Right now there is some confusion over whether the writers have been fired or not.  Time will tell how all this will go down, but how about last night's finale?

Well, it certainly ended with a literal bang.  Our heroes have just gotten inside the CDC building manned by suicidal scientist.  They have one night of near peace before finding out they have to figure how to get out of the CDC fast or get fried.  If I had a problem with the episode it is that it opened up the CDC plotline then closed it too soon. It just felt a little contrived in places.

On the other hand, Shane shone as a character.  First there was a flashback to last days at the hospital.  It showed that Shane really did have reason to believe his best friend was dead.  It made him a bit heroic again.  Then they took this good will and dashed it to the ground when a drunken Shane shows how not to win friends and influence people.  Hint for Shane:  There's no handle there bud no matter how hard you grab.

I can see what they wanted to do with this episode and why it was the final one.  They were given a choice here.  Go one and eventually die a horrible death in all probablity, or stay and go out in a quick nearly painless blaze of glory.  Before this, survival was an automatic action.  Here, they finally had to say, "Yes I will try to survive."  So, it was a fitting finale for the first season.

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  1. I too was a bit let down with the finality of the CDC story line, though I liked seeing the electro-brain before and after. Definitely not themselves any more, which I think helped some of the characters on their coping.
    Interesting to see the back story with Shane and his partner, and his reasoning with regard to the survival of his friend's wife and child.
    The best part was the whispered comment of the scientist to our 'hero' as they were leaving---nice foreshadowing of events to come, I'm sure!!!
    (and yes, I have a strong theory about what he said)