Thursday, June 16, 2011

California home of superheroes

California is the mecca of superheroes on the west coast whether it is Marvel or DC.  Only makes sense, it's a happening state with a long history.  So in the State hero program there would, unlike Oregon, be a whole host to choose from.  The deciding factor here would not be who is the most powerful hero, or even the most popular, but rather which hero would serve the political agendas of the california legislator.  With that in mind, Ms Red was the perfect candidate.

Starting her career back in the late thirties, she protected the west coast from crime and foreign agents with her wits and staff.  She served during WWII even going out into the pacific.  Like other heroes she was accidently exposed to Alton Particles which slowed her aging (She's chronologically in her 90s now but physically looks only around 40)  She briefly disappeared in the fifties only to reappear in the sixties.  She changed her named from "Miss Red," to "Ms Red" and became a proponent of women's right as she fought crime.  In the seventies she started her own super group, the Women Warriors.  Unfortunately, that's also when pictures came out that showed that she was a lesbian.  The scandal could have tarnished everything, but she bravely faced the cameras and announced the truth.  She resigned her roll from the Women Warriors but kept up her fight against crime.  She became a new role model and eventually received public acceptance.  She still fights crime and teaches martial arts.  She spends more time, however, doing charity work.  The California assembly has granted her State Hero in light of her decades of public service.

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