Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kodiak The Hero From Alaska

I was kidding around yesterday and suggested that Captain America should get behind the state superhero movement.  I started trying to think what a state superhero would look like and I found it a fun exercise.  So I'll be listing some suggestions.

Starting in the frozen north we have Alaska.  A huge state with a small population.  Rich in wildlife and resources.  What better hero to represent it than the awesome Kodiak, or Cody to his friends.  Most everyone in Alaska is his friend.

Kodiak is an impressive figure.  At seven feet and four inches and weighing at 600 pounds of pure muscle, Kodiak is definitely literally heads and shoulders above everyone else in the room.  Besides super strength, Cody is quite tough.  In fact, one of his favorite entrances is to drop down from prop plane piloted by his good buddy Tim Tucker.  Finally, the Kodiak is completely immune to cold.  He once put his fists into liquid nitrogen and kept them there till the nitrogen boiled away.

So this is our first state hero.  The Awesome KODIAK!

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