Friday, June 17, 2011

Idaho Is Famous For Potatoes

Like Oregon there is a certain lack of folks in long underwear in the state.  Well, not counting the normal type of long underwear you have under your clothes.  This stings a little in the pride of a state when something like State Heroes comes up.  Everyone wants to be able to show something. 

In Idaho's case it got even worse as a self proclaimed "Warrior of the Future" started taking billboard ads and radio spots to urge state legislators.  The embarrassing part was that it was revealed he was a member of a white seperatist group.  Things might have gotten even more embarrassing for the state except that a radio station began to air counter ads for Sasquatch to be called state hero.  After all he has many qualities of a hero.  No one  knows where he is, or who he is, and certainly Sasquatch is strong.  By turning it into a joke they defanged the Warrior of the future who slunk back to some stockade in the north of the state.

...and that's why Sasquatch is the State Hero of Idaho

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