Saturday, June 25, 2011

Films I Would Remake: Animalympics

Well after a long streak looks like Pixar has come a cropper at least as far as the critics. I'm not surprised, even if "Cars 2" was good there is something about too much Larry "The Cable Guy" that causes a knee jerk reaction. It would go about as well as "Hee Haw: The Movie."

At this point maybe a change of pace would be a good idea. So why not a remake of something that didn't really have a chance before. I suggest "Animalympics." This was a rather odd film in that it had some major talent associated with it (Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner), and it had a nice soundtrack for the time. Yet, I never heard of this film and caught it only by accident on HBO one night.

Why would this be a good subject for a remake? Well, one thing that Pixar tends to do well is story and that is one thing this film needs. It is a bit disjointed as it follows various animal athletes on their ups and down. A better framing story would make for a stronger film. Secondly, this is the type of film that would be stronger with computer animation. Watching animals really look like they are exerting themselves as they leap and run and such would make it more exciting. Finally, it would be a good chance to work on a more modern soundtrack. Imagine all the artists who would be excited to lend their talents to a Pixar Picture.

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  1. Damn you and your suggestion of a Hee Haw movie!!! You know it will crop up now...and I'm sure Larry the Cable Guy will be part of the cast!!!
    By the by, have you seen the trailer for the 'new' Conan movie?!?!