Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Cross is one of those interesting failures of an independent movie.  It doesn't quite do what it wants, but it does enough and shows enough heart that you don't feel too cheated.  Basically a superhero film on the cheap, it's about a fellow named Cross who has a magic green cross passed down through the generations.  It makes him bullet proof and other powers.  He is fighting against crime bosses and an unkillable viking who are trying to get an ancient staff of mass destruction to work.

In truth, Cross isn't that great of a superhero.  Neither his power or character is really that exciting.  What works is all his friends.  He has an entire cabal of trained fighters that work with him.  They all have cute code names and different styles of fighting.  The stand out is Jake Busey who is labeled (Literally) "Comedic Explosion Master." 

Definitely nice casting helps this movie.  Robert Carradine, Jake Busey, and others make for some interesting combinations.  Also, the general style is nice, you can see these folks have watched both "Heroes" and "The Cape."  The script drags in places and the action scenes aren't as good as they could be, I think they could have done with a better editor.  Still, I'm pretty sure this is no worse than the "Green Lantern."

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