Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Desert of Forbidden Art

I know, documentaries are rarely kick ass. But not everything should be kick ass. Sometimes it's good to see something that really gives you hope for those crazy primates called man. The Desert of Forbidden Art certainly does that.

This is the story of a person you never heard of. He was sent into the desert as the communist revolution was in full bloom. He discovered a people whose colorful folkways were being destroyed by communist theories. So he gathered the bright clothes and applied for a museum. By some miracle he was approved so in the middle of the desert a museum bloomed.

If it just ended there it would have been interesting but a little local interest. But it doesn't. Over the decades he starts gathering art that the KGB has banned. More than banned since many of the artists wound up dead. They would kill one for being a christian, and another for being gay showing they were something of equal opportunity killers. So our guy here was in some danger as he gathered these banned works. Beautiful stuff by the way, the very best soviet avant guarde.

Definitely this is a great film to watch. There are things you will see you won't forget wrapped in a fantastic story.

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  1. That sounds very interesting, lost artistic treasures.