Friday, June 10, 2011

The Wild Hunt

On of the early memes involving D&D was besides proof you were nerdy beyond all hope, it will eventually make you crazy and you'll be wandering the steam tunnels looking for goblins. Never mind that the actual incidents like that were few and far between, it was just too juicy to pass up.

In later years LARP (Live Action Role Playing) became more of an in thing, so yes there are now wonderfully nerdy people wandering woods dressed as elves throwing "thunderbolts" at each other. But they are functionally sane, right? Right? To answer my own question, I do believe they are functionally sane but there is a danger when you take a bunch of people into the woods for a long time doing strange things.

That's basically what happens in "The Wild Hunt." Our hero has no interest in LARPing but he knows his girl friend there. Worse he has heard rumors that she has been captured by an evil shaman who is trying to have his way with her. This is just too much so he drives to the woods and there he teams up with crazy viking brother. He just wants to talk with his girlfriend but he's forced to play the game by everyone so he decides to capture her back instead. Unfortunately, all the real life tensions underneath this begin to warp and wrap around the fantasy. Soon the Wild Hunt becomes a dangerously real thing.

This is an interesting film and I enjoyed the Viking brother's jovial nuttiness. He tries to help his brother but he's just... so... serious. I wish LARPers looked this good. It has bits of good action, and fine drama, and really it's interesting watching just where to drop off point to reality is.

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