Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ice Road Terror

So it's Saturday night, and I don't got a life.  So here I am watching "Ice Road Terror," on Syfy.  First off, as always let's give what good news there is.  This was actually a good idea.  I don't recall any horror film set in the world of Ice Road Trucking so this is actually fairly original in concept.  Also the actors and writing are as such that I didn't instantly wish the cast dead. 

The plot is basic.  It's the end of the ice road season and the road is melting.  However, a mining company needs one last run of explosives.  So the two bravest truckers who are competing against each other are out doing the run.  For reasons of plot convenience they are also taking a "Pretty Lady Scientist."  Meanwhile, up the road the miners have unleashed a horrible monster that is eating them up like they were bacon flavored M&Ms.  Well, our truckers and girl get up there, and then taking the survivors try to run back.  Of course, it's not that easy and the horror tracks them both on and under the ice.

Right now the bad news.  The creature is horrible.  Limbs as angular as a stick figure and about as convincing as a child's picture on a fridge.  Worse, the special effect for it coming out of the ice are stinking crap.  What little character development we have ends about half way through and the characters become interchangeable with the millions of disposable people we've seen before.  Finally, there's just not enough ice road.  We are promised ice road action and I wanted more.  I also wanted more ice road before the monster's appearance so we can really savor the unique environment and culture.  Not to be, guess they didn't have many days filming on the actual ice roads. 

Still for Syfy this is a positive step.  They need more good concepts like this and a little more work on the execution.  Ok, a lot more work.

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