Monday, June 13, 2011

Washington's State Hero: The Utopian

Goinig south from Alaska we hit Washington. Those who haven't lived in the state think "rain, grunge, coffee, and Seattle" when they think of Washington. All that is true but there is much more. Washington is very much a divided state. The west side and the east side differ greatly in both climate and politics. So, in a way picking a hero that would represent truly the state would be a very hard decision. However, since it would be a political decision and the political structure favors western Washinton, it turns out not so hard after all.

The choose Tom Steward to represent Washington. Why? Well, it helps that he was rich and well spoken and didn't have a messy secret Identity. More importantly it was what he spoke about. He spoke about man's civic responsibility to his fellow men and how technology can enable everyone to make a bigger difference. As an example, Tom had an entourage of 20 small black spherical drones that flew around him everywhere he went. Each drone was equipped with special tools and followed Tom's special command. True not everyone had a hundred million dollars for such a system, but it sure made for dramatic interests. Because of this, Tom "The Utopian" Steward was a shoe in to be Washington's hero. Something that he took with great humility as only a proud man can.

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