Thursday, June 23, 2011

A dream I had...

Been reading too much George R. R. Martin that's for sure. I was dreaming that I was leader of a fleeing people. We were in 12 times 12 ships going blinding into the deep seas. We lost many, but after the storms we found a huge fertile island.

I would not let anyone land save to gather fresh water and supplies til we went completely around the island mapping it. Then I bid all the remaining ships moor at a rocky island that was in the mouth of a great bay. I made my people wait a further 30 days and 3 as I did something at the top of the rocky hill.

Finally I bid them to come to the hill...

There I was seated and to my north, south, east, and west were hand carved rocky idols. "My people," I said, "I have led here, to this island, but I cannot lead you further. Instead, I have torn my soul to the four directions to create a compact for a kingdom that will stand the test of time and wars....and worse."

"My people, the column to the north is dedicated to all the peoples of my land. Carved upon it are the rights of all free men of this new kingdom. Be it known that if these rights are not allowed, that Lord will find himself against the very land and he will fail. You all may look upon the carving later but be it known that among the rights of the free people are the rights to demand protection from their Lords, the right carry arms, to own what property or land that they can, and to worship however they please as long as it is modest and lawful."

"My people, the second column to the West is dedicated to the Lords of this land. I decree that the 12 captains whom I have given the red badge shall be the fathers of 12 great houses. From these great houses a king to rule all shall be decided upon. The Column shows what land each house shall lay claim to. Also, why the fortunes of the houses will wax and wane, if a house is extinguished, it shall rise again in full power. Thus, a balance for all times shall be made."

"My people, the third Column to the South is dedicated to the societies that will be needed to make this kingdom thrive. The 12 captains that I have given silver badges to shall be the leaders of these societies. Each society shall have a free city that will be free of all Laws save that they make and the King's law. Like my Lord's houses, if a society be destroyed it shall rise again. The Societies shall provide needed services, and act as a balance between Lords and the People."

"My people, finally to the east is the fourth column. There are those I gave no badges to, but they know who they are. These shall lead 12 secret societies. They shall own no land, nor shall the be loved by Lords or Societies. Yet, they shall not fail, and shall rise again if destroyed. Also, each of the secret societies will know a secret lore that will be their power. I have made them, because men are weak and prone to failings. Law can do much to instill virtue, but in the end there should be those that will organize such failings so they do as little harm to society as possible."

"My people, this is my decree... my will... my love for you. Go on now and take your lands. Name them, and make them yours. I will stay here, in this seat of stone. I have given my soul to this land to your kingdom, and I am nothing now but a husk. Bring your dead here, and I shall keep them safe. I am now Ran Barrowman King of this isle of stony death. Leave now my people...."

"Leave now.."

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  1. WOW!
    I'd say that dream rivals any ever dreamt in the realm of men!!!
    Have you checked out the numerology on the numbers?