Friday, June 10, 2011

The Company Men

I don't do "real life" films as much as I should. Films about "Real life, and real people," are often as not to me a code for "Real boring." "The Company Men," I found against my expectations to be a very good drama.

Ben Affleck is a one of the company men. An upper management type he thinks he has his career fully planned and outlined. But his company in a big to manipulate their stocks cut out the division he's in. Suddenly he's out of work and very unready to be in today's job market. He falls into a depressed, smoldering anger that threatens his relationship with his wife and family. Meanwhile, others are affected by the division loss and even the management that stays are filled with questions about it.

Besides Ben Affleck who gives a great performance, I enjoyed (as always) Tommy Lee Jones as Ben's old boss. He tries to be the moral conscience of an amoral company. My favorite scene is when some stooge goes on about how everything they are doing is legal. Tommy just fixes him with a stare and says, "Legal? I thought we had higher standards."

Ah if only that was true.

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