Sunday, June 26, 2011

Futurama: Let's get small

Futurama is back with a new season, and everyone's favorite robot is causing problems again. Being his insolently lazy self, Bender can't bring himself to fold the professor's sweater. So he takes the professor's new duplicating machine and incorporates it into himself. Presto, now he just adds matter and out comes two smaller benders. Since they have a copy of the copy device they can just add matter and out comes two even smaller versions of bender. Soon it's a Bender world as they threaten to destroy the world with unlimited copy. They even go so far as starting to turn all the water to alcohol so soon everyone is too drunk to stop the Benderization of the world. Thankfully, Bender's own nature stops the destruction of the world, or does it.

This episode isn't a classic, but it's in fine futurama mode. It will be interesting where the show is going to go this year after last seasoning strengthening of the relationship between Leela and Frye.

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  1. It was a fun watch, but remember, Bender was supposed to 'bend' 2 sweaters and that's where it all started to go, 2 tasks were 1 too many!!!