Thursday, June 9, 2011


Phil Foglio isn't a household name though I think he should be.  He's an artist and a writer and just plain funny.  I first saw his work in Dragon magazine where he gleefully lampooned the world of Dungeons & Dragons.  The long running gag of strip was that they were always interrupted from doing their "Sex and D&D strip" by some absurd crisis.  Well a few years later when on his own he did do his version of "Sex and D&D" among other strange things with his magazing "XXXenophile."

Now I'm not prudish by nature, but neither am I too interested in Porn.  What I have seen I generally found boring.  There is more sexual tension and heat in some burger commercials than most porn.  "XXXenophile" though was a horse of a different color.  It was actually funny, and often as not oddly sweet.  It played more like a cross between cheers and the twilight zone with a whole lot of T&A.  The playful spirit is best scene in the cover where a lady is reclined in bed with little paper buildings all over her body and the fellow next to the bed is zipping up a godzilla suit.

If you are of age and in good humor it wouldn't hurt to look up a back issue of XXXenophile.  If you like Phil's humor (he's as funny in real life I can tell you that) you should definitely check out the tamer "Genius Girl."

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