Monday, June 21, 2010

Astrópía Trailer for the US

Astropia makes me happy? Why? Because it is proof that WE HAVE CONQUERED THE WORLD. When an Icelandic dork has to resort to "The Force is Strong in this one," (in ENGLISH) it is proof that our uber culture has taken pernicious root everywhere. Let's all share a mountain dew and revel in our glory.

After that, actually watch Astropia. It's a great little film from Iceland. Hildur is a beautiful woman living a beautiful life till her boy friend gets put in the slammer. Now dealing with real life she gets the very unreal job of dealing with geeks in a comic book store. She is slowly brought into the culture and finds herself having a great time. Really it is to warm any geek, dork, nerd's heart to think that any beautiful woman is just a dice throw away from LARPing with gay abandon.

All the geeks are great characters. I like the geek girl who is at first wary of Hildur because she threatens her place as "the one with breasts" at the store. I also like the DVD geek who is trying to push films like the Exorcist to the six year old in Hildur's care. His argument was that he was still young enough to appreciate the magic of a film like "The shining" and not worry about things like special effects. Heh. Yah, the magic of "The Shining." That particular scene ended with him babbling something icelandic that translated as, "Oh hey, "Cuju" you like doggies right!?"

Parent of the year material.

Oh, this film is also called Dorks and Damsels.

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