Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sucking Scraping Sound

So you people remember "Theodore Rex?" You Don't? Gee how can you not remember Whoopie Goldberg and dinosaurs? Or how it was at the time the most expensive movie to go straight to video (now DVD). Maybe because it was a godawful mess, if you don't believe me on that check out the Nostalgia Critics rip on it.

The point being is sometimes, for reasons unknown to us the little people, stars will do some godawful mess for a check. Rarely though have I seen so many shining so little in one place. In "Super Capers" we have Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Clint Howard, Michael Rooker, Joe Polito, and Tom Sizemore in various states of non, or over acting. Only Clint Howard and Tom Sizemore, as "Mugger" and "Lawyer" respectively, keep a little dignity and provide a very little bit of entertainment.

The rest of "Super Capers" involves a useless guy in the suit with the name of Ed Gruberman (A name which is a steal from the incredibly funny "Boot to the Head" sketch to which the writer/director should be profoundly embarrassed for soiling) who is ordered by a court to be a part of a team of super losers. Said losers are for the record: A professor X type with mother issues, a very cold woman, Mr. Super Vanity, and a guy who turns into a puffer fish when scared. They try to fight crime from their mansion and super winnebago.

Really I was hoping for a little dumb fun. What I got was a long stretch of no fun at all. If you want to see a fairly funny zero budget super hero film let me suggest "The Specials." Not, however, "Super Capers."

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