Monday, June 14, 2010

Unnatural History

"Unnatural History" is a new series on Cartoon Network. It is a live action series. On Cartoon Network. Yeah. I hate this tendency for "mission creep" in our tv channels. I want my MTV back, you know the channel that had MUSIC. I want science fiction on the SF channel not the SYFY channel. I want American Movie Channel to go back to being American Movie CLASSICS.

Oh well. Bitching aside, "Unnatural History" isn't bad and has promise. Two very different people team up to do an encyclopedia brown. One is a world traveller, martial artist, hero in training. The other is a scholar and bit of a wet blanket. The mysteries will mostly come from the rather odd collection of odds and ends in one section of the musuem.

There is good chemistry between the leads, and it moves lively.

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