Friday, June 25, 2010

Greg the Bunny

I liked "Greg the Bunny" when it was on Fox. It was a nice little bad show about a world where puppets were 'real' and subject to real problems. They had sex, they went to the bathroom, they had relationship problems. It was like "Meet the Feebles" brought down to the level that you could show it on TV. Plus it starred Seth Green who I love and wish I could adopt as my own son.

I seemed to have been the only one to love Greg the Bunny. It headed to the great cancelverse almost as fast as "Firefly." But like some shows it bounced back. This time on IFC. Here on the Independent Film Channel Greg and friends make parody of various films. Whereas if they were on the Comedy channel they would focus on blockbusters, here on IFC they 'channel' more esoteric fare. So if you want to see puppets do their version of "Blue Velvet" here's your chance.

I still like Greg the Bunny, but it has lost a little something. I liked it more when it was in its own weird universe. Still this is pretty decent for TV, if I actually got IFC (in all senses of that phrase) I would watch it.

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