Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do Hoods in the Hood wear a Hoodie?

When I see a title like "Mutant Vampire Zombies in the Hood," I can only think; "They forgot the ninjas." Seriously, when a film tries this hard with a title it is generally a bad sign. On the other hand naming your film "Date Movie," or "Epic Movie" is an even worse sign, so I gave it a go.

First off, I notice the name C. Thomas Howell. Oh dear. He has taken a head first dive into the sea of no budget films and has yet come up for air. I'll give him points for keeping a straight face and a pretence to actual acting. I'm sure that comes in handy when he's given the check at the end of the week. It could be worse, at the end of their careers Lon Cheney and John "Mr. Shirley Temple" Agar were basically paid in booze.

The plot is a basic rip off of "Night of the Comet," except with gang bangers. A bunch of said gang bangers are too busy having a stand off when a weird celestial phenomena hits the world. Most of the world is turned into "horrifying" creatures. No one can settle on whether they are mutants, or vampires, or zombies (hence the title), but everyone agrees they are one bad ass mother (shut your mouth). So our heroes including Howell who is playing a cop must wade through zombies to find a safe place.

In actual fact, this wasn't too bad. Cliched, yes. But for a no budgeter it rocked where it should rocked and rolled where it should roll. There was enough professionalism in the cast that no one looked too bad, the action was fairly good, and there were one or two good lines. I always have an issue with using CGI for gunshots though I know it keeps things cheap and helps avoid another Brandon Lee situation. So all in all, if you are into the whole horror thing it won't dent your brain pan too badly.

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