Monday, June 21, 2010

TV wrap up

TV sucked on Sunday night.

ABC had the Hills which tried to be "True Blood" with "Desparate Housewives." Desparate indeed. More yawn inducing. Boring. Trite.

SyFy had "The Phantom." Ok, I liked the Parkour angle, even though they did not make the connection between the old phantoms going through the jungle compared to the new one's effortless jaunt through an urban jungle. Like the authors working for SyFy are going to spot a subtle character point. But what steams me, is you have a lithe acrobatic character and what do you do? You put him in the ugliest assortment of gear laughingly called a costume that makes him look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle and as about as agile as a rock. It is a truly awe inspiring aweful costume.

Oh the story sucked as well. Some one is doing subliminal mind control commercials and they recruit Kit Walker as the next Phantom. His organization looks very james bondish and they are definitely skittish about the whole native and jungle angle of the orginal phantom series. Oh well, even Billy Zane couldn't do much with the Phantom, why did I have any hopes SyFy could???

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