Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a mystery

Mystery team is funny, I don't deny it. I just have a great problem watching it. It's my own problem I admit it. I hate, hate, comedies where it is based largely on humiliation and embarrassment. Even if the characters don't feel it, I feel it for them. I find myself stopping the film a lot just to get a breath.

As I said, it's my problem.

The Mystery Team is due for a lot of humiliation. It is the story of a group who thought they were Encyclopedia Brown when they were like seven. Now though they are in high school and still are thinking they are hot shot detectives. There is the "master" of disguise, the "strong" kid and the "smart" kid. They are all dorks.

So let's see if I can give an example... um.. for reasons I can't give the "smart" kid had to push his hand through filth to get a ring. Later, cleaned up he gives the ring to his compadres but they complain he still stinks. He says he had to sterilize it with dog urine. They of course ask why dog urine. "Well I read in a book once that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth, so naturally I have to infer that urine would have to cleaner still."

"So you washed your hand in dog's urine?"

"Give me credit, I drank it. But it must be working."

And it is moments like this that I just have to withdraw from the film. Go out and watch the birdies flit about and not think about this film.

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