Friday, June 25, 2010

Queen's Blade


Queen's Blade is one of those anime. Not down to the level of TP (Tentacle Porn) but not so far away. I see it is based on a video game, and I think I know why some controllers stick. If you read the blurb it sounds vaguely feminist; women partaking in a tournament to prove who is worthy to rule a kingdom. Wonderful. How empowering. These aren't whimpy some whimpy Princess a waiting for her prince charming.

Then you watch the first five minutes.

First off you notice that these ladies are ... enhanced. Over endowed. Be tata'd. Boobie overdrive. Good Lord is it even medically possible? Do the Japanese have a word for 'top heavy?' Then we get to the first fight. Princess in regal, flowing, and very flimsy silk ....well I guess we'll have to call it a dress. She fights a.... no.. really? Ok, she fights a shape changing demon, who chose to look like a bunny girl with her hair turning into hands in the end to grasp her enormous boobies so she can squeeze them covering her foes in acid.


Beyond THAT sort of creativity and relationship hells ("I'm your sister and I'll make any man you marry rue the day, can I sleep with you now?"), it is the very base cliche of fantasy universes. The type of fantasies where someone can say, "I'm queen of the good bandits" with a straight face. Certainly one can avoid watching this show and not miss much.

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