Sunday, June 13, 2010

Small Island, Smaller World

Small Island is a Masterpiece Theater production, which means it looks rich for television. I'd love to be an extra in one of their shows, but alas too too american. This particular production was about some kindly folk from Jamaica who decide for reasons of their own to go to England and help the war effort.

Oh they were black, that's slightly important.

One joins the army and has an affair with a white woman, the other just wants to be a female school teacher with the house and the garden. Well they find out that things aren't as easy as they seem. As the narrator points out, she may be the mother country but that doesn't neccessarily make her a good mother.

It all makes for soppy english romance so you have to have a taste for that. Specially a 3 hour long taste for it. I admit I sort of coasted in the middle. But it is a good strong drama and I loved the child birth scene near the end. If it wasn't the other side of the child birth scene from "Gone With the Wind" then Bob's my uncle.

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