Friday, June 18, 2010

Middle Man

Ah, well I would wonder why it is the smart shows that get cancelled, but "The Middle Man" appeared on ABC Family channel so the question basically answers itself in this case. That is such a crying shame though. The Middle Man is truly truly funny.

It's the story of Wendy Watkins (known as "DubDub" to her roommate) who's an artist and a temp worker. Thanks to her innate ability to accept cosmic weirdness she comes to the attention of the Middle Man. The Middle Man, along with his snarky robot assistant, has the job of solving 'exotic' problems and Wendy is now his side kick.

Each episode is a unique universe of high nerdy weirdness. The first episode, for example, had computer controlled, mentally enhanced, machine gun toting, tai chi performing gorillas taking over the local mafia. Oh Middle Man you had me at the tai chi. That and nerd shout outs to Gorilla Grodd.

The actors have great chemistry together, and are able to rattle off quickly the techno babble which is one of the charms of the show. The special effects are mostly suprisingly good. Also, there was an attempt at a continuity that really brings out the comic book universe of the Middle Man. It may be unfair to compare the one season of "The Middle Man" to the years that the "X-Files" had to work with, but I had to say that "The Middle Man" did a much better job of keeping each episode to the same high level.


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