Monday, June 21, 2010

Wrapping it up

"The Landlord" is a ...funny.. horror movie. Eh. Well, honestly it isn't horrible. The situation actually works. A put upon landlord has people eating demons in one of his apartments. He has to keep getting new borders because that's his actual job and he's being paid good money by his sister the cop. But he hates his job, other cops are always hasseling him, and he has to deal with demons and body parts. His sister is all "boo hoo" I have demon troubles of my own. Any hoo, all this changes when a girl who hits the landlord's fancy becomes border number 17. Will she survive, will the landlord finally collect rent? It's actually good enough to watch to the end.

"Bare Knuckles" is sort of odd. It rips off both "Million Dollar Baby" and "Every Which Way But Loose," except of course without Clint Eastwood, or even orang atangs. Lady falls into the seedy world of female bare knuckle boxing to pay for her son's medical bills. You can set the words processing program on "puree" from this point. It's not so bad though as a B (ok C) movie. It moves along jauntily.

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