Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Twitchy Witchy

Witch Girls Adventures is a multimedia enterprise. It's a website and a game, and promises to be a comic book and other interesting things including a magazine for teen witches. The muse for this is of course the boodles of cash a certain boy wizard and school has raised for its author. Nothing wrong there, as Mark Twain once said "Great artists don't borrow, they steal."

The difference here is of course girl power. In the world of Witch Girls Adventures only the ladies get the ju ju juice. Having blossomed magically at a young age they are sent to various magical schools to hone their gifts, and socialize them so they aren't turning everyone into toads. Like in the Harry Potter series the magical world and the mundane world have made a quiet deal of "separate but unequal," and most everyone is happy. Of course, there are some witches that will break these laws and they are dealt with if caught. There are mundane witch hunters as well, and generally they get what is coming to them. Here I will have to say there is something very silly yet somehow frightening seeing a fellow with a shot gun, a gas mask, and a puritan high hat including brass buckle. Not someone you want to see in your yard at midnight.

The series seems to center around a small gaggle of girl witches from a small school. Being a game though if you wish to play that, you can be anyone you want and there is a huge list of what you can do magically. Of the characters I saw i think everyone's favorite is Lucinda. She is a wicked witch, no need for quotes around the wicked (she loves to turn people into things, which tells you she pretty much believes people ARE things.) Lucinda is not only wicked but a princess from some magical sub dimension that she's exiled from, but she's still a princess and woe to anyone who forgets that. The other girls stand lucinda's bratty, wicked ways mostly cause she has the best toys. Once they went camping and Lucinda's pup tent was just a little bigger on the inside. Including 23 servants. Oh, and a jacuzzi. For the audience a character like Lucinda is always some much needed spice. Even Riverdale needed it's Reggie.

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