Monday, June 14, 2010


"Someone's Knocking at the Door," is a zero budget film that I got blindly. By that I mean I just saw the title and ordered it. I don't recommend this approach to most sane people. I'm not most people, and I'm not mostly sane. The good news is sometimes I find a good film worthy of spreading the word about. Most of the time, I just find I've lost another hour and change of my life.

"Someone's Knocking at the Door," is sort of a middle ground here. Zero budget, yes. Cliched, certainly. 'Killer is loose among medical students,' so says the back. Well that covers a lot of horror films. There's a lot though that is pretty good about it. I for example really liked the sound design. There are points where a character is in shock and other people's voices come out as electronic noise. It is very disorienting. I found the film overall to scary and very effective as a horror film.

So why don't I sing its praises and give it a four star rating?

Honestly, it's because it is well outside my comfort zone, and anyone elses that I know of as a friend. Most horror films are like a fun roller coaster, you scream and raise your hands when you are goosed. Some horror films are challenging as art. Some others are just creepy. This, well as I said it just pushed well beyond my comfort zones.

The Killer was killing by rape. The scenes were brutal and I just can't recommend it to anyone. I had to watch Boris Karloff's Frankenstein afterwards to get the film out of my eyes. So anyway, you are now warned.

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