Monday, June 14, 2010

Going for Breaking Bad

So it is the end of the third season of "Breaking Bad," and I'm feeling so sad. After 3 seasons of Jessie not crossing the final line, well... it was crossed and then crossed out. Our heroes/protagonists/anti-heroes have finally reached the point where they can say honestly to themselves that they are the bad guys. This is a massive change from season 2 where Walt would deny he was the bad guy even as bodies literally rained down from the sky because of his actions.

AMC has finally announced that there will be a fourth season and one can only wonder where things will go.

Will Skye follow her husband deeper into crime. Will it excite her? Bring some sparks back into their marriage?

Can Jessie survive being on the Chicken Man's short list for a long box? Is he going to go back on the meth?

Will Hank walk? Can Marie keep his "ground hog" interested?

And Walt, Walt, Walt. Will you continue to grow as the bad guy? Maybe you'll take over the drug empire of New Mexico. I have no reason to like you. You are anal to the point that if aliens kidnapped you they'd need a probe the size of the empire state building. You are a user of people. You have dragged down your family in with your problems. Despite all that, I love watching Breaking Bad and I find myself routing for you everytime you pull off some feat of super bad assery.

This is certainly a dangerous show to watch. Dangerously addictive, and just dangerous to those in the audience who are a little dumber than average and want to break their own bad. Seriously, at one point in the show someone disabled a security system with a bunch of mylar balloons. Who wants to bet that in real life some one will try this. I don't know if it will work but it should make an amusing news story when it happens.

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